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Case Study: The Widow with A Disabled Adult Child

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

A widow wants to treat her 3 adult children equally in her will, but the eldest has more needs.

Mrs. C's husband died at age 70 yrs. Mrs. C has 3 adult children, and her eldest has a disability and lives with her.

The Need

Mrs. C wants to make sure she has enough money to last her lifetime. She's also not sure how to divide what she has between her children when she passes away.

The Story

Up until her husband died, Mrs. C did not have to make many financial decisions. Now he has passed and Mrs. C is living with an adult disabled child. It’s ok because they take care of each other. But she worries if she has enough, even after she sold her house and downsized. We worked with Mrs. C and provided a report showing how long her money would last her. She had money left to give to her children. Then the other worry was how much to give each child.

Her goal was to provide enough so the disabled sibling would not be a burden to the others. In the end we recommended an estate plan where the disabled child would have RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan), the death benefit from her life insurance to be paid out to the disabled child over time instead of a lump sum and for the home to be allowed to be used by the disabled child for the child’s lifetime. Afterwards, the home would be equally split between the living siblings or their children. Mrs. C now happily takes cruises to Mexico and enjoys her grandchildren.

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