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Connecting Family
Wealth & Well-Being

Confident financial decisions
through connected conversations.
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Together we can replace confusion with clarity and fear with knowledge

Cultivate Your Wealth-Being

Successfully navigating your money can build a prosperous future for you and your family. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Personal Wealth Management

Estate & Tax Planning

Life Insurance & Risk Management

Retirement Planning

Charitable Gifts & Planning

Business Wealth Management

Estate & Tax Planning

Financial Management

Business Succession Planning

How We Can Work With You

   As a certified financial planning firm, we can work with you either by:

  • Retained Hourly Services - Before we are retained, you let us know how you would like us to help you, and we'll prepare an engagement letter setting out our fees plus taxes.

  • Commission-Based Services - We can work on commissions or referral fees from insurance or financial companies, based on the products you place through insurance, segregated funds, or health spending accounts. Before you work with us, we'll provide clear disclosure of our compensation from these companies.


A big sister is someone who is always there for you. Managing the big and the little things, big sisters without fail provide good advice and comfort. With this package we provide that same comfort for your personal financial planning needs.


If you require guidance managing your money and finances, and don't know where to start then this is the package for you. This package is perfect for T4 employees and professionals or those planning for retirement. This package will provide:


  • a written financial plan

  • powerpoint presentation

  • recommendations to get your personal finances on track

Whether you want to save, protect, or starting to withdraw your retirement income, we are here to help.

Big Sister Starter




Wise Aunt Standard

This package is inspired by that wise Auntie who provides the best advice based on her vast life experiences, and is always there to lend an ear.


Geared towards those with multiple streams of income (possibly a small business or a trust), this package has everything that someone with a growing or mature business could need. This package will provide:


  • a written tax and estate plan including your corporate chart and family tree

  • powerpoint presentation

  • recommendations on succession and estate planning


If your finances are becoming more complicated, this is the package for you. We are here for you.


HRH Steward Premier

This package is ideal for those searching for intergeneration wealth management, succession planning and tax and estate planning with more than one generation of families. We specialize in intergenerational transfer strategies, tax focused planning, and trust planning.


This package will provide:


  • tax and estate planning schedules for estimating final taxes and various estate expenses

  • powerpoint presentation

  • recommendations on succession and estate planning that is tax-efficient, time-saving and cost-efficient

  • meetings with professionals such as your lawyers and accountants to assist in implementation

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We know how to
protect our investments

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