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Artists for Ukraine - Art in aid of Ukraine

“Mark (Truvera Trust Corporation) - today I felt that we are not alone in our sorrow. And I thank you for that.”

- Iryna Shyroka, President of the Vancouver Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Sunday, April 3rd, we, with our collaborative partners at Truvera Trust Corporation, Truvera Mortgage Corporation, Lanyard Financial, and others, sponsored an amazing event at the Art Works Gallery. Artists and communities in Vancouver came together to stand in support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Part of the proceeds and all of the donations from the event went towards supporting Ukrainian refugees, through the Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund, and the Greater Vancouver Jewish Federation’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. As of March 24th, the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has delivered more than $6 million in humanitarian aid and support.

The noteworthy feature artist of the night was Yuri Padal. Born in 1949 in Kyiv, Padal now lives in Vancouver and is using his art to support and raise awareness of the atrocities going on in Ukraine. His works connect to the universal energies of colour, beauty, freedom, and positive balance.

The day, April 3rd, began with news that the southern city of Odessa came under attack. In light of the news of the day the event was a somber, but impactful occasion. The event was a huge success, with the Ukrainian Canadian congress leadership writing that it was a little ray of hope and light in yet another day of destruction.

For more information on the event, artwork for sale, and how to donate: The sale will continue until Easter.

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