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What you may have in common with Chad Boseman

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Chadwick Boseman left an impressive legacy of movie roles, including the super-hero Black Panther. What he did not leave was a will. He died of cancer, which he suffered from for four years, and recently it emerged that he was intestate.

What does intestate mean? James Burton, a wealth management specialist in Beverly Hills, California, writes in Wealth Professional Editor, "Without a will, intestacy laws kick in and the government has a prescribed method for distributing the assets".

What that means for Chad Boseman, so private a man that no one knew he had cancer during the filming of Black Panther, is that his assets and his estate are public records. Anyone, including reporters, can go into the court system, and see the information.

How many times have you thought to go make a will then found it is complicated and broader than just a document. What is it you want to leave behind? Finding the right advisors is a good start. The expertise needed includes accounting, financial advice, law, and funeral pre-arrangements to name a few.

If you have a question about how to make a good start on estate planning, ask me. I am here to listen.

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